Bonjour à tous ceux qui découvrent ce blog. Je suis un ancien traducteur de divers essais et papiers américains; mon premier blog se trouve ici. Je fais de l’activisme sur la question des frontières depuis le mois de juillet 2009. J’avais l’intention de lancer ce blog depuis quelque temps; tellement de choses  sont faites et dites, et il arrive trop souvent que je n’ai pas le temps de dire un mot; alors nous y voilà, j’abandonne mes activités traductrices, et je ferai plus de commentaires dorénavant. Le titre du blog est No Mercy; Pas de Pitié. J’espère que je me montrerai à la hauteur.

Hi to all those who discover this blog. I’m an ex-translator of various american essays and papers; my first blog is here. I’ve been doing activism on the border issue since the month of july 2009. I’ve been having the intention to launch this blog for a while; so many things are said and done, and too often I do not have the time to say a word; so there we are, I’m giving up my translative activities, and from now on i will do more commentary. The title of the blog is No Mercy. I’m hoping I’ll be up to it.

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3 Responses to Introduction

  1. defendillegalaliens says:

    will we be getting more posts?

    on va voir plus de commentaires?


    • littlehorn says:

      Hi. Thanks for writing even at this late date. I’m one of the activists on the ground and the numbers having been quite thin these last weeks, it was absolutely impossible for me to find the time to relax and think about what to say. And even worse, there wasn’t even anything that really prompted me to say anything, as opposed to those completely stupid statements. I might do some more general commentary on the law, the cops, the reason there is movement control, etc. But it’s not going to be as promising as I’d first said. Also, do I know you ?

    • littlehorn says:

      Yes I do. And yes I will, pleasure to be read by you ;).

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