For “piracy” and the right to digital copies

I heard we need to put an end to piracy to save the music industry. What follows is my angry and fixed conviction.

For starters, I own two blogs, and I already participated to activist papers, so I’m also a creator. There is this blog, “Justice and Anarchy“, formerly “No mercy” born from the No Borders struggle, and there is “Enriching reads,” formerly “Connection,” my translation and subtitle blog, on which I post videos and texts I subtitled, translated or scanned. My blogs recognize no rights other than attribution, as well as a certain moral claim (but non-enforceable*) to being paid; but creating a work does not mean earning the right to a perpetual rent, for yourself, your family and your descendants. Copyright law is artificial, arbitrary, positive, “unnatural,” it exists only to save the interests of a class of privileged fuckers: artists and the record companies making millions selling usually bad quality. We are all creators and sharers, especially with Facebook and other social networks, but we should forget all that and give money to Pascal Negre*.

I noticed we were considered criminals to throw in jail; Pascal Negre claims we are thieves. In truth, the real thieves are the artists and record companies living on our money extorted under threat; indeed, making digital copies is a perfectly legal act made on paid and owned computers, with paid and owned CDs, and the same goes for music sharing through the internet connection, also legally paid and usable. Where is the violation? I can send a PDF or a picture to a friend? I can also send him an MP3 and a FLAC file. Technology essentially destroyed the music industry, and it decided to shame us to save its skin and money. What they can’t stop by force, they will by using “moral” persuasion, on the basis of false principles.

The movement for “piracy” doesn’t concern itself much for principles, and yet, this is where all the evil comes from. On TV, we see an ad showing that piracy is a crime that can make an american SWAT team burst into your home. Blissful life! So we live in a police state where the “crime” of sharing music and videos on the internet is fought back with american ultra-violence? The worst is probably that the citizen in the ad is not outraged about it: the episode is only a memory that explains why he’s getting a subscription on a private channel that allows him to pay his music, when he can get it for free elsewhere. If that is not a form of theft by law, I don’t know what it is.


* Enforceable: Opens the right to the use of force to enforce a particular objective. In a republic, a term used to mean the cops can be sent to make you do something. In anarchy, only self-defense is enforceable. That means you can only use force to defend yourself or others. Other objectives must be accomplished with free and voluntary means.

* Pascal Negre is the head of Universal France, one of the biggest record companies in the country, and a bitter opponent of freedom on the internet.

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