5 dead in Pantin: Guéant passes the blame onto « illegal » immigration

After the fire that caused 5 deaths in a squat of illegals in Pantin, a suburb south of Paris, the immigration minister thought it a good idea to place the blame on « the criminal rings of illegal immigration, ransoning the immigration candidates and who, after having made them hope for a better life, give up on them and let them face a miserable, roving life. »

Reality check: rings do get people across, but it is politicians, such as Claude GUEANT, who « give up on them and let them face a miserable, roving life. » And even that is wrong, because they are not roving, they are running, they are being chased by police, and it is not misery, but oppression, fear and the feeling of a wasted life that they feel, being forbidden to work openly, having always to hide, because of the policies implemented by men such as Claude GUEANT.

As was said in the march 2011 issue of the Sans Frontières journal, border crossings, even without the consent of his highness Claude Guéant, are a perfectly legal activity. Smugglers, by getting people across, are doing nothing that is wrong. Only acts of aggression are criminal, and crossing the border independently is not one, no matter what nationalists think of that, whether they are from the National Front, the Union for a Popular Movement (mainstream right-wing), the Communist Party, or the Socialist Party.

On the other hand, it is illegal to arbitrarily detain a person, without a valid reason. And this is what the CRS and PAF agents have to do every single day. To confine people under the credible threat of violence, for administrative and bureaucratic reasons that do not hold water.

So long as there will be people free to move, they will go wherever they please, and instead of adapting to that fact of nature, the government would rather sic the CRS on them. The government can destroy a great number of lives, and it is certainly, in the end, responsible for that tragedy, as well as all the others that occur as a consequence of the unnatural, criminal, and immoral system of repression and control, but it will never destroy human nature.

Claude Guéant had to blame the illegal immigration rings, because he needed to take the blame off his own shoulders, for his own moral faults as a political official who’s responsible for the living conditions of the « illegals » he has created. It is simply disgusting that this trash had the guts to show up and make his pathetic speech on rings that had nothing to do with how insalubrious housing in France is for the illegalized.

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