Norrent-Fontes, a report on the march and thinking on asylum

On Saturday the 29th January we participated in a march of about 300 people from the village of Isbergues to Norrent-Fontes. As we discussed in the last issue, the Prefect Bousquet has formally demanded that the Mayor Norrent-Fontes dismantle a camp near the town, on the basis that disturbances to public order have taken place. The Ecologist Mayor Mr Marc Boulnois, has not complied, and so risks prosecution.

The march was held to support the Mayor. Attended by other Mayors from the area, the vice-president of the Regional Council and a number of associations, including Terres d’errances, Fraternité Migrants, the Belle Etoile. No Borders activists were present. The march ended with a press conference by Marc Boulnois. A lunch was waiting for the marchers, the money made went to the Belle Etoile in Calais.

It was followed by two workshops, discussions, where you could hear good things from the participants. (But unfortunately not the right thing.)

Jean-Pierre Alaux, member of GISTI [1], pointed out that the good reception conditions of Great Britain are a double-edged sword: a person being denied asylum is more easily found if s/he is fed and housed by the state. It is therefore more difficult to then blend into the population.
All this was taking place with the backdrop of a banner saying “Save asylum.”

As No Borders, we do not want to save the asylum. Never again do we want to accompany a migrant to a government building where a person comfortably seated may decide the residence of a person over a geographical area of 600,000 km².

Everyone has the right to asylum, to protection against danger from his/her government. But what can a bürokrat sitting in a chair do with his dirty paper?

Asylum is a fact of nature, not a piece of paper that is carried in a pocket. A person leaving a war zone to get to a peace zone is out of danger by the very fact of being there. Similarly, a person leaving an area of misery to reach a zone of prosperity.

The only thing that the bürokrat is doing in giving his usurper permission is to “protect” the Exiles from French police harassment, de facto racist, if not racist in ideology. An Exile is given papers and “protected” from the possibility of being sent to the dangerous country in question. But if it was not given the French state would simply become an accomplice and we know that people have been tortured to death in the past, because they were not believed by the French authorities.

Clearly, this kind of “protection” makes no sense, since the Police and the administration have no right to harass or deport migrants in this way to begin with. But since they do it anyway, and since the migrants are unable to change things, they have no choice but to submit. Not because they want to, but because they simply cannot cope otherwise.

It’s on this kind of sickening constraint that “asylum” rests. Therefore, the right to “asylum” must disappear, because it is a declaration of slavery for all foreign people who are already in enough trouble without having the French state on their backs too.

[1] Information and Support Group for Immigrants,

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