WikiLeaks pisses the Entire World off

As everybody knows, a secret organization that dares protect its sources from murderous governmental intentions, WikiLeaks, has uncovered 216 diplomatic cables, leaving the internet users free to download and read documents, and associating with important newspapers to achieve a maximum effect.

Part of the French media was outraged with this totalitarian transparency, of this theft of ‘secret’ informations. And that is quite true. Have we forgotten Nazi Germany and totalitarianism? No privacy, anyone could be hunted down, like Jews were.

Well, governments are todays’ Jews, and they are simply afraid the people will hunt them down with tyrannical laws like those forbidding theft of bank card details, the sale of war prisoners in Guantanamo, or murderous attacks on a Yemeni village where all victims are civilians. Those are some of the revelations of WikiLeaks, and we are proud to say that many French media had the cowardice not to discuss them, with a submission that honors the spirit of collaboration.

How could criminals have open discussions amongst themselves, regarding the schemings they plan in the back of their peoples, if people can simply listen to what they say?!

That’s just impossible! We must restore secrecy and unaccountabiliy in government, so that the states of the word can do safely and peacefully all their dirty work, and then to present a smiley face to the rest of the world.

We must remain ignorant of the government’s activities, and trust the authorities, who want nothing but our own good. That is how liberty is safeguarded, with an ignorant and blind citizenry, and boundless power looking after everyone. All hail Big Brother!

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