Poor liberty

“Between the poor and the weak, between the rich and the poor, between the Master and the servant, it is liberty that oppresses, and the law that sets free.” – Jean-Baptiste Lacordaire

In the book that was brought during the debate on the national identity (more proof that it was all a setup), ‘For the Nation,’ Eric Besson argues that if borders were abolished, such a flow of workers would invade us, that our social system could not hold for long. He then uses the above quote to back up his stance, a quote which, if it is wrong, has the merit to put the prevailing thinking in a concise form.

In general, as it was explained in the first issue, it is unlikely a flow of migrants would follow the end of borders. We can also suspect that, since the border itself is not natural, since it is only an imaginary line on a map, if there must be a flow, we’re seeing it now. France, in the end, is a chunk of the Earth like any other, more porous than the most porous of colanders.

Nevertheless the deeper idea persists, that the State protects us from the oppression of the stronger ones. The reality, as I understand it, is different. Oppression does not automatically come from a difference in living conditions, although it does have a role. It especially comes from the powerlessness of the weak, organised and maintained by the same “law” which pretends to defend them.

Before being the slaves of the capitalists, the workers are stopped from organizing their own independence. The Paris commune ended with the massacre of 80.000 people. The economist Franz Oppenheimer, in his book “The State,” explains that the area of available land is so great that it is impossible to understand why anyone would not simply live from it, instead of impoverishing him or herself to the benefit of another.

That is, it’s impossible to understand, should we live under real liberty, and not that infamous “liberty” to sell yourself to the employing class, a “liberty” pre-set by enforced conditions of poverty on most people.

It is under those circumstances that the oppression of the poor by the rich must be understood: the poor have no other choice, by law, but to sell themselves. Law does not set free, it slams doors shut, and then, provides an army of slaves to a certain artificially enriched class, through plunder and murder, through conquest and colonization, and in France, through outright slavery.

The path to take is clear: total liberty yes, including liberty to migrate, including liberty to practice all forms of labor one wishes, on the land or not, individually or collectively, with or without the agreement of the authorities, with such a solidarity that the employing class will appear like the vampiric and parasitic class it truly is; useless and criminal.

Liberty, equality, fraternity, that slogan sadly remains to be applied. Poor liberty, cornered with faults that are not yours, but those of the false capitalist authority!

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