The strange habit of Madame Bouchart

A month ago, at the time of the anniversary of the destruction of the jungle, we were approached and contacted by a few journalists, who wanted to have our point of view, on what has changed since last year. Unused places which migrants used for shelter have been systematically destroyed one after the other, and when they couldn’t be, as underneath bridges, the police were simply sent to sweep away the tents. In one of those attacks last year, they pretended to give those back to the charities, which turned out to be entirely false.

The reasoning according to which one cannot let people sleep somewhere is, that those people have no right to be in France. As we have explained elsewhere, France itself is not a collective property – even if Marine LePen would like to change this, with the awful results we know from the experience of the thirties and fourties – and thus it is difficult to see who could forbid anyone from the territory; that is, to forbid someone to be within the limits of a part of the Earth which encompasses six hundred thousand square kilometers! Can you imagine something more arrogant? And why not forbid them the skies and the oceans as well?

Since migrants are within their rights in France, contrary to the government seeking to forbid them from it, they also have the right to find shelter where they can, to the extent that this does not disturb anyone. And that is precisely the situation of the Sudanese and other Africans who live in deserted buildings on the Descartes street.

What some call Africa House, is used as a shelter by people who are homeless, and it is against all common sense that Madame Bouchart has decided to evict the inhabitants from it, and to destroy those buildings which were otherwise empty.

The town workers have been going to Africa House every day, to begin the cleaning of the premises, since october the 4th, and to prepare the insane destruction which will put on the streets people who have no other shelter at hand. The folly of Madame Bouchart is slightly lessened by the respectful behavior of the workers, who give advance warning and describe the buildings that will be cleaned, without seeking to cause any inconvenience for the migrants, without trying to destroy or take away their belongings, as this sometimes happens. (At the time of writing, the destruction had already started, step by step as well.)

The police raids, also unjustified and meaningless, except to make their lives a hell and encourage them to return, continue. And so is the watch of the No Borders people. Thus we are anxiously waiting every day for the arrival of those armed people, and we try to give advance warning to the inhabitants of Africa House, that the police arrive, to kidnap and detain, and maybe to deport. With the agreement of authorities one would elsewhere call tyrannical, but with whom, for the sake of the current migration policy of ethnic cleansing, we accept to cooperate. Some would say, collaborate.

“One of them, alone, that’s ok. The problem starts when they get numerous.” – Brice Hortefeux

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