No one is illegal

“We all have a strong disposition to consider everything legal as legitimate, to the point that many falsely derive all justice from the Law.” – Frédéric Bastiat

After the scandal of the eviction of Roma people, members of the government denied all evil deeds by declaring that they were only applying the law. The quote above shows the mistake of this reasoning: even the Law may be unjust. After all, the Law in France isn’t much more than what a few hundred politicians have written and voted. As elected as they are, they remain human beings, fallible, like everyone else.

We had better, to keep our heads cold, be done with this habit of referring to the Law with a capital L, or to speak of a society of ‘laws,’ as if those things were falling from the sky, perfection incarnate. The French laws are imperfect and some are unjust. What laws are just and unjust, we would need a book to say all there is to say on the subject.

But with regards to borders, we can simply say, that it’s a human right to move without constraints, and that the imaginary lines that national borders are, have no legal existence or basis.

Looking into the history of this institution of borders reveals they are the results of wars waged by States, each one convinced the other will skin him, plunder his resources, or tyrannize its people. Today, for instance, now that peace reigns between France and Germany, we know that there was never any eternal animosity between our peoples, which could only be resolve by recurring and revolting bloodbaths.

Force being unable in theory to create rights – that would be to live in a society of barbarians -, we must conclude that national borders cannot legally provide constraints on the free movement of individuals; since the territory they define is not the property of an entire people (whatever Lepenists say), but the jurisdiction of a State, whose prerogatives are limited by fundamental rights.

Yet, today, the French and British States provide the constraint of passports and visas, and other bureaucratic formalities, on the free movement of individuals, under the pretext of border control. The illegal is made legal; the legal is made criminal. We walk upside down. Might makes right, and society become barbaric.

No Borders is a pacifist movement of people who recognize the fundamental rights without which no society can long survive.

“ Over the bleached bones of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words: ‘Too late.’ ” – Martin Luther King

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3 Responses to No one is illegal

  1. Jo says:

    “No Borders is a pacifist movement of people who recognize the fundamental rights without which no society can long survive.”

    Ooooh.. controversial! A lot of people might disagree with the “pacifist” part.

    ref: (sorry, can’t find a better link)

    • littlehorn says:

      I’m sure they will, but this will be in the newspaper we’re gonna launch next week, and so reach mostly local inhabitants. For now, I’m only saying that their laws are unjust, and they’re armed and dangerous. I trust people will do the maths.

    • littlehorn says:

      I didn’t read that book, I heard of it, but I did read Gelderloos’, it was good and frightening at the same time.

      Some say we need more public support before turning to force. What do you think?

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