The lie that cannot pass – and the path that we did not take

Hearing the news, and seeing David Cameron repeat almost word for word the excuse of state capitalists right here in France, I cannot help but think that, for all the difference in the radicalism of the union movements -and it’s really not that big a difference, the PEOPLE are used to demonstrate and they are fucking angry, the unions are more like pansies I feel- we really have two identical systems, with variants in how much they are allowed to fuck people over, by the people themselves sadly.

As the saying goes, they break our legs, and then they give us crutches. The social security system is the capitalists’s charity, seeking to drown dreams of true equality, under the false alibi of a ‘Social Republic’, the name given by right-wing Prime Minister Francois Fillon. But now that the crutches and the morphine are getting expensive, the people, for the sale of whom the system exists, are required to do some more sacrificing. How surprising.

We could have gone down another road, and that is what capitalists always have to answer for, before they speak of necessity, and how there is no other choice. Under state capitalism, there is no other choice than to keep the crutches which serve to stall the revolution that would end the reign of all elites; some will ask the poorest to contribute more, others will tax the rich, and I say ay to that, with a reservation. The more direct and certain route to recovery is true anarchy and socialism. What do people care that capitalism cannot sustain itself, when in their great majority they never asked for it, nor was it ever asked of them whether they wanted it? No. It was all done behind their backs, and now the powers that be demand more of them still.

Don’t let this lie be repeated, there is a choice.

A French person.

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