Fuck the Police

This noon, as we were chatting on the ground, at the food distro, a police car approached the fence on the side of the port. Without really thinking about it, I said one of the english slogans, no justice no peace, fuck the police, on a normal tone, without shouting. One of the migrants, who was sat next to us, corrected me in his own difficult english: “But, everyone says ‘fuck the police,’ but it’s thanks to the police that there’s a minimum of peace around. You shouldn’t say that. If you’re attacked, the police protects you. So don’t say fuck the police.”

A few weeks ago, fascists were arrested by the same police, after sudanese migrants had been attacked. Members of the no borders movement have wondered whence this sudden clemency came from. Is it that the police is simply jealous and wishes to maintain a monopoly on violence? We should end the prejudice on benevolent police, which is also shared by most citizens.

The police, and the State that hires and trains it, is more than happy to arrest, and pursue the persons, outside of the State itself, who would have engaged in true crimes. So long as the individuals are not of the State itself, the police will do its best to honestly protect the law between each and everyone, and will be full of itself for that reason.

But of course, the State that hires and trains the police, could not be questioned by the police itself. The work of the police consists precisely in enforcing the laws of the State, which are today of a tyrannical nature. We are thus in a strange situation where people who, theoretically, protect us, are also, and especially, likely to attack us to enforce the law.

The more tyrannical the law is, the more violence is the only resort the State can use to enforce it; we all naturally hold dear our own liberty, and no one gets easily controlled. Resistance to controls is natural; and violence ensues to subjugate the recalcitrants.

If we are protected by violent people who have no regard for our liberties, then we must take our protection in our own hands; that we may tell them to fuck off, that we will handle it without them if liberty really is the price the State demands for our safety. FUCK THE POLICE.

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