Nord Littoral 12/08/10

Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon in Calais

Demonstration by members of the No Borders [network] and ecological activists in the town center

(Picture. Many activists have demonstrated on bikes in the streets of Calais.)

They started a demonstration in the streets of Calais yesterday in the middle of the afternoon. “They” were the No Borders activists of Calais, but not only them. Yesterday, they used the arrival of the stopover of the Ecotopia Bike Tour in the Six-Bourgeois city to march in the town center and thus, once more, point the “living conditions of migrants.”

The fourty-some protesters met up on the pavement of townhall, according to a No-Border activist, banner and whistle in hand. “We have been going through the sous-prefecture and the fun fair and we consider going on to down town.”

Particular to this march: the participation of many cyclists, ecological activists, who took part in the Ecotopia Bike Tour, starting from the 25th of June and ending in the 31st of August. “We are a mobile ecological community. This year, we are going through England, Wales, France, Belgium and Germany, and we claim our enthusiasm for social and environmental changes. We found it logical to associate ourselves with the No-Borders to denounce repression practices against migrants.” Under good police escort, the demonstration was calm.


(Picture. On banners, various slogans were written.)


A few comments: the statement by an activist mid-way through to the town center is a complete fabrication; the article is very poorly written with many repetitions, my translation does it a lot of good; the second picture shows the banner saying STOP POLICE BRUTALITY; we also shouted No Borders No Nations, and so the demo was not focused on the living conditions of migrants, but it’s admittedly the only safe line a right-wing newspaper can take. Also makes us look naive and unrealistic.

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