Garbage Police

Yesterday afternoon, as we were discussing various things whilst sitting in a park, we saw, first, two police officers on motorbikes coming in, and second, a car driving around and looking at us intently. They were municipal police. Well, at least that’s what I thought, more about it later. A group of migrants was hanging out and having beers a bit off to the side, in the shade of a large tree. This kind of police is known to intrude into parks in this unlawful way (you don’t have the right to drive into the park with a car or a motorbike- only bikes are allowed), I’m guessing to drive migrants away.

Yet, they didn’t move and kept on hanging out like normal people do. And so did we. At some point though, the police car and motorbikes returned to the park, and the officers seemed to have a bit of a concertation in the background. The two motorbikes then went up a slope and the two officers dismounted to block the way out on the east. The car parked on the other side of a small pond, just facing the group of migrants, still lounging in the grass, in this nice summer afternoon.

We all got up and prepared to confront the police. I was expecting some ID checks, but it was a completely different story. All this showing off was due to the beers. Angrily, one of the cops demanded that each bottle be thrown in a litter. He pointed at bottles that were forgotten on the side. He was giving orders and that was infuriating, but migrants didn’t want any trouble, so they did what they were told. Cops then gave a disdainful ‘Thanks!’ and left.

Some police names are misleading. You would have thought that this was the municipal police, the local coppers. Still stupid, but the nicer kind of stupid. Okay, slightly nicer. Turns out, they’re actually subcontracting garbage collection. But now the word is out, so beware you beer drinkers. The municipal police is on the beat, watching for waste that may be sitting next to you in a park whilst you’re still chilling out!

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