Asking for money, and an update

As readers will have understood from the last post, I have made a trip back to Calais. And as people who know how tight it is to get any form of paid work in France at the moment, I can’t get a job very quickly. I’ve just learned that I can expect any kind of benefits to take 2 fucking months before coming in. What the fuck is that, right? Well, that’s how it is. So I’ve started the process anyway, and got a bank account sorted, and next a PayPal account, which allows you to donate money to me (and who knows, maybe the other way around some day). Not that you have to. I hope to actually make people think ‘Hey that’s work worth a bit of money.’

As of now, the output of this blog is close to zero and not very worthwhile except for those who might wish to read about anarchist theory. So I’m gonna go around and ask what people would like to see translated/subbed (got some ideas for my CMS mates), and post that up. I’ve already done quite a bit of work in that area on my previous blog, Connection. But it was mostly translations from English to French, and also, mostly topics interesting to me. Tellingly, the traffic to both websites is extremely low. But it was good as a sort of depository for my thoughts and a training ground for the very young and amateur translater that I was (and that I may still be?)*.

Let’s see how far I can get this thing going.

The update is, I thought I’d run into enough trouble for squatting, and just this morning I got searched and kicked out of a migrant squat, after which I was told I’d be summoned by the Republic prosecutor. What, already? Such a summoning is usually the result of a trial, at the end of which the particular degree of the sentence is negotiated with the prosecution. Funny thing is, before the CRS officers got in by force, the landlord had had the gate welded shut with us on the inside. They thought we did it. Oh well. They’d threatened to send the cops if  we obstructed so we let them do it. Later on, the cops still came around, and destroyed their work in half a minute.

Bad news is, it was such a contingent of them, with some higher-up guy in his own unmarked nice car, it was probably a request by the Republic prosecutor, as in paragraph 2 of article 78-2 of the Penal Procedure Code. So to sum up, some landlord representative had planned to weld the gate shut, and later on, some Republic representatives had planned to crack the gate open to check everyone’s IDs inside. Oh my, how fun it is to see a bunch of useless parasites waste everyone’s time and money!

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  1. littlehorn says:

    * I forgot to mention the time spent in Bath, and how attending editorial meetings for the Bath Bomb has quite substantially sharpened my own sense of what is acceptable writing. My thanks to Steve, Dave, Jon, Joe, and Freya and so many other friends from Bath. I will come back.

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