News without blues

More than 2 months since last time. As I’d said previously, it gets longer and longer before I drag myself to add something new. I’ve returned to Calais a short while ago, and tried to undo the damage I did; not that I have changed my mind on the kind of things I abhorred. What happened was I got afraid that one day I would lose someone and last thing I said was this note I left before leaving without a word.

I’m now back in Bath again, having decided to cast my lot with the Black Cat, and seeing whether this will lead somewhere or not. The building we are currently squatting is due for eviction despite clear betrayal of procedural rules. So what, you will say, you’re an anarchist! There are no rules! Quite, quite. But I thought I’d make a point about so-called impartial and objective institutions.

So I took my white board, and I wrote the following:

The Black Cat Centre is due to be evicted, again

The big guy with a stick, who’d first said you had to serve papers 5 days before the court date, decided that it was actually fine when he’s the one not respecting the previous rule. What a surprise.

John Locke justified the state by saying a third party was required in cases of conflict, to avoid the biases following from being a judge in one’s own case.

Locke would probably recognize by now that this necessitates anarchy: for, in cases involving the state itself, you find the very same bias among the all-powerful authorities.

The third party doesn’t always have to be the same institution; in fact, as this betrayal of the procedures shows, it defeats the purpose of a third party to have a single judicial power.

Property is not legitimate when acquired with stolen money. Council is not in ownership and cannot claim possession of what it doesn’t own.

But this is the big guy with a stick, so we are gonna leave. Might makes Right!

[This message from Marcel, not the Black Cat.]

This is currently up against the windows, and people sometimes stop to read a bit of it. Not many have read it entirely though.

I don’t feel so bad about leaving the current building, unlike other times. I’m slightly weary of the amount of work that awaits us; all the stuff we are going to have to move to the next place…But other than that, I’m feeling quite fine.

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