A little adjustment

Once again, I haven’t been updating the blog in a long long time, and this was due mainly to two things. As I am in the UK mostly on my own and relying on people’s kindness, internet access is always limited/conditional/inexistent. The other reason is, I’ve been telling about my trip on a day to day basis, and there isn’t always something interesting happening. (I’m not saying that you guys are not interested. Of course you are. You want to hear about every single detail of it, I’m sure.) I’m not though, and when I do have internet access, I just don’t feel like writing for hours about how I brushed my teeth, had a breakfast, and then saw a squirrel as I was cycling towards some farm somewhere. That’s not inspiring.

On the other hand, there are moments that I found interesting and that got me thinking, and so I’m going to just fast-forward to those, hopefully in chronological order, so I don’t finish this tale in 10 years time. A friend told me some people found this blog very interesting, and I told him that I did not introduce anything, but rather, that I merely applied things that I’d read to things I’d seen along the journey. Maybe I was a little defensive in that way. I thought there was a war among anarchists; I’ve been expecting much more agressivity since I’ve posted part I, and yet I haven’t seen anything. All the better I guess.

Part IV tomorrow, and then another break for a few days, possibly.

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